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Gonna Make me some Flash :D

2011-07-02 23:25:40 by elmanymt

Well mainly im making this post cause im tired everytime i check my profile it asks me to make one, So here it is. Im very new into the creation of flash animation , even though ive known newgrounds since the first pico was out Ive never made a flash animation. But im practacing lil' by lil' and if your reading this dont expect it any time soon.Plus ive been having problem with Flash... If your reading this please dont be a douche, Help me by telling me what to animate about...and NO im not gonna draw hentai.

This has been,
elmanymt :D

Gonna Make me some Flash :D


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2011-07-03 04:40:15

if you need help with flash tutorials and such just go to the forums, the people there are very helpful.

elmanymt responds:



2011-07-03 04:40:41

Well....helpful if you look in the right forum. General is complete anarchy....